... who loved me in my life and would Love some advice. I have a few df's 60' s and a little methadone and would love any advice on tapering or I really just need A friend. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks.

Hey there, dont know if anyone reads this but seen as I have no-one to talk to in my life then im documenting it in here. I took 40ml Methadone in the Morning and 20mg Valium and 20mg Diazipan in the day when needed then 12 hours later I took 30ml Methadone to get to sleep. Apon waking this morning I took 20 ml of methadone and 20mg of Diazepam. (This lot may seem excessive to some people but I was injecting over 2grams of Heroin a day and since my girlfriend left me smoking a lot of Crack as well. A LOT.) I plan to try take the minumum of benzo's possible as I am fully aware they are really habit forming. I have set a dose of of approx just under 20ml Methadone for this evening and I plan on reducing by 5ml every 12 hrs until i can move across to the dihidrocodiene 60's tablets that I have and hopefully come off asap.Yes its very uncomfortable buts thats the nature of the beast. If anyone is listening advice or help or encouragement would be amazing and very very much appriciated as I have no one at all. If anyone is bothering to read this, thanks and all the best