... close to that if I didnt have any such as lortab, perc, etc). I was taking about 20 a day at least 10mg. Today I haev taken a total of 11 and I hope no more today. Any suggestions to help me with this 2nd attempt??? I did really good the first time and got down to 7 a day and then relapsed. I an praying to God to help me get through it this time. He was the only way I got down to 7 a day several months ago and I let the devil get a hold of me. This stuff will take your soul!!! I have been taking them for over 11 years and I have spent more money than I care to tell you. I CAN'T do this any longer. I have not shared this with anyone. It is my BIG secret. I feel horrible about myself and I WANT to stop this time. Any support will be much appreciated:)