... years of oxycontin/heroin addiction. i have a psychiatrist, and he is going to prescribe me clonidine, valium, ambien, trazadone... i need medication for RLS. i plan on asking him when i see him on wensday what the best medication for the unbearable RLS symtoms i know ill be getting during the taper of the methadone. although ill be doing a very slow taper, (5 mg a week, followed by 2 1/2 a week, follow by 1 mg a week... over like, a 6 month period), i want to be prepared for the RLS, since i have meds for all the rest of the withdrawal symptoms. i have looked it up online, done A LOT of research, and so far, the meds best used for RLS are muscle relaxtants like soma, cyclobenzaprine, requip, mirapex, , and pain meds like tramadol. combinding one or two of these muscle relaxers with high doses of the valium and clonidine, also combinded with constant hot baths with saline bath salts and hot showers, along with working out (going on long walks twice a day, or riding my bike twice a day), can anyone confirm that the RLS ill be going through will be greatly reduced if i stick to this regiment? im confident that it will, especially if my psychiatrist will confirm my "list" of RLS pain meds. but, i need some sort of validation from other addicts who have been through a slow taper through a clinic, that my combination of drugs/hot baths/working out will help me get through the taper with very little pain. im very scared which is why i want to make sure i have this stash of meds prepared for me when im ready to taper, but i need to make sure it is the right combination. does ANYONE out there know out of the meds i mentioned, which are the right combo for RLS and general muscle pain and insomnia??? HELP PLEEAAASEE!!