... spot. I am scared to death but I WANT MY LIFE BACK. I HATE medicine period. I am feeling on the edge right at the moment and trying to not take another pill and I need some help. Please help me! I have nobody who I can talk to because everyone I know but my immediate family are on pills and my family has no idea what I'm going through and I have kids in range from 5-15 and a husband but I can't explain this enough to them and the kids don't need to know. I have been breaking my z's down which is really hard to try to help with the withdrawals. I feel like I am not having as much confidence in myself now as I did a few hours ago because I am sweating, heart palpitates every so often and it's scary, my right leg has had like 5 charlie horses today and I feel like my body is tightening up from time to time and going to the bathroom because I have good moments which are disappearing now. So I had good moments when I kept my mind off of it although my body would remind me every so often but now it's hell. I hope I can make it. I am really afraid of dying because I don't know nothing about going cold turkey at all and I have high anxiety and panic attacks, depression, agoraphobia, high bp, etc.. Can someone help me?