... years, percs and T3 (tylenol with codine) when desperate. My last norco was 2 nights ago and took 7 T3 yesterday. I have 3 T3 left and want to quit cold turkey. I would like to try the Thomas method but don't know where to start. I can't sleep, am very irritable, I have RLS and muscle cramps. I do have access to kolonopin, Xanax and depakote. Please help me, I do not want to keep doing this. I have been clean on and off for years. I want to stay off this time. I seem to have trouble STAYING clean. I've detoxed 1-2 before without any help from doctors or clinics but it was total hell. I just wanna get through the phys wd as quickly as possible (obviously). Please give me any advice you have available in regards to a speedy recovery and help on STAYING clean. Thanks!