... tapered from 120mg of percocets for about 2 years to 50 mg then went to detox center where I came off of all except they gave me low dose of methadone about 35mg total. I am doing much better these past few days, but I still get very shakey on and off all day. I have been pushing myself most of the time, but I got sick with the real flu recently and it really wore me out..I am 63years old. The MAIN symptom that does not want to leave it the shakiness, sometimes so bad I can't hold a spoon. I sometimes take a xanax, .025 very low dose, but I don't think its anxiety. or Maybe..what you guys think..Methadone maybe still left in my body..I understand the depression, the low days, the GOOD times that come when the fog lifts, but this shakiness in my body has me wondering. Is it the last of w/d symptoms..please help Love Golda