... an addiction interuptor. You take it ONE time and It will give about 3 to 6 or more weeks after it is taken for the person to get into a support group and away from the folks he/she was hanging with.

I have used this to reset my tolerance to the narcotics that I take for pain issues as well as just before an 12 hour operation that was going to mean an extended stay in the hospital. Try as you might (and I have) the chances of being able to stay on your current narcotics is slim to none. There will always be a Doc or nurse that just knows you are taking to much and you should be off this crap. Now this provider won't have talked with my pain clinic and looked at the reasons I have to be on this nasty horribal, life altering medicine but they know its just to much to take and I should be off them completly. I agree , I wish I could, and more than likely if the doctor had not sliced into some nerve roots while he was busy playing pattycakes with his nurse I could. GRRRRR So it was easier to just avoid the entire mess and deal with it this way. As I said it also is just like starting new on opiods.

BTW it works on all sorts of addictions even ciggaretts although that would be like killing a fly by driving a steamroller over it.

It isn't allowed in the US but is available in Canada and mexico. It needs to be taken at a clinical setting as you are pretty much a blob while it is working its magic. This drug metabolizes in your system to become nor-ibogaine and that plugs up your opiod receptors nice and tight. Again it lasts for 3 to 6 weeks so you have the time to get into group thearpy.

If anyone wants to know more about this please give me a shouit. I am I am more than p/o'd that we are letting our kids suffer with addiction when there is an simple answer. We spend billions to fight the "war on drugs" and it will never achieve results untill you find a way to stop people from wanting the crap. GRRRRR :)