... seeds) apparently the detox is from morphine and codiene. I have been an opiate addict for over 5 years. I have had several bouts of clean time, with the withdrawl periods becoming increasingly difficult. I guess I don't have a question per se, but a situation. My wife is pretty much done, she's letting me stay here (i have two kids) while I get better. She says after that, she doesn't know what she's going to do with me.

I've never sought professional treatment but plan on doing so MONDAY MORNING! Why do things smell so funny right now? I'm pretty much out of the sweats and shakes. I've been using xanax/benedryl/vitamins/tylenol/exercise and water to help with the symptoms. I'm not horrible, I went out with my son and got a haircut today! I havent had huge bad crawling the walls type symptoms. I think poppy seed tea is a pretty low level dose but unsafe - who knows how much alkaloids are getting in my system?

I'm two days in. Third night coming tonight. What will tomorrow bring?