... ms-contin? I was on Oxycontin (80mg/30tabs/day), MS-contin (60mg/24tabs/day), Diazepam (8mg/4tabs/day), Ativan Sub (2mg/4tabs/day), Gabepetanin (400mg/4caps/day) for 6 years. I quit cold-turkey October 2010. Had 3 weeks of severe withdrawal (cold sweats, burning hot, paranoid, insomnia, vomiting and diahrerr). It is now March 2011 the insomnia and diahrerr are still there but now I get these strange pains randomly all over my body that last for a couple to a few days then disappear but re-appear elsewhere on my body. I have constant eye irritation (dry eyes, pain behind eyes) I have a pressure feeling in my head that comes and goes. I have a constant ringing noise that gets louder when the pressure in my head increases. I get muscle cramps in my feet and in the hip area. Most of the symptoms I get are similar to Fibromialga (however its spelled). My doctor is running circles trying to diagnois each symptom. Does anyone else experience these kind of simptoms so long after being off these drugs?