... I did not climb a mountain literally but figuratively. I tried to go to sleep last night and I had this really intense pain between my shoulder blades. When I woke up this morning it was 10 times worse. I went to the ER b/c I was really scared. Turns out I have a torn rhomboideus major muscle from doing work in my backyard over the weekend. The doctor stated that I should be on pain medication to deal with the intense pain and I said NO!!! Told her that I will use Aleve to deal with the pain! She was speechless but said this type of injury is highly uncomfortable and typically requires pain medication. I opened up and told her I was an addict and that is not an option. She congratulated me and said that she understood and was very proud of me! Wow, that felt good. She did prescribe me flexeril (muscle relaxer) and said that I should strongly consider taking it night time b/c the intense pain will prevent me from sleeping. I still have not filled the prescription and am currently debating if I should or not. Should I take it or not? Regardless, I had a gigantic mountain in from of me today and I said there is no damn way in hell that you are getting in my way! I climbed that sucker and I will climb every damn one of them that gets in my way for the rest of my life! I hope this serves as an inspiration to at least one person out there. We can do this! Fight with everything you have. And then when you can’t fight anymore, reach deep within yourself and fight some more