... very first post. I am new to Suboxone and I am 3.5 days into it. I can say that I am doing ok, the sleep is good, the withdrawal is GREAT (Slight stomach pain, the shits, but all and all pretty good.) Let me give you some back ground, my opiates started off with a simple dose of 2 Vicodin 5's a day which lasted a couple years, and ended up 7 years later on 15-16 Oxycodone 30's a day. I was prescribed 168 Oxycodone 30HCL every 2 weeks.
I decided to turn to suboxone when I was running short on my script more the I wasn't. I would turn to friends, family, I would buy, steal, what ever I needed to do to make it to my next script. I had had enough. I was worried about am I going to get drug tested? Was I not? There is alot of worry being an pill head, people that has never been addicted cant understand, IT ISN'T EASY.
As I said before this is my third day, and all and all I can't complain. What I am finding is I am having alot of questions race through my head like.
I'm not in withdrawal, but I find myself missing the oxycodone. Its like having a 7 year relationship that just ended, and I sometimes find myself thinking about how I am going to make it without my pills? Another example all of a sudden I am worried about suboxone withdrawal, I have read all of these post about how horrible it is. Has anybody out there ever went through this? I have no plans on stopping this treatment but as I said I just have alot of questions all of a sudden, and need to know if this is normal... As of today I forgot to mention that I am taking 1, 8MG film 3 times a day of the suboxone.
I am open to any comments or suggestions.