hi, i have been taking suboxone for 9 days now and beginning 3 days ago I noticed my ankles and feet swelling. They ache and are uncomfortable. My Dr. is out of the office for the holidays and they dont have an after hours help line (go figure). I am also having trouble staying awake..not all the time just sometimes..but when it happens its to the point that i cant keep my eyes open, even during times that i would usually be awake (dinner, work,driving,etc) If i lessen the amount i take (prescribed 2- 8mg daily i find myself with cravings. Oddly enough I find myself up during the night and wide awake at 5 am. I am coming off a 200mg daily hydro habit. Is all of this normal? I know that my body is going through big changes. I read somewhere online that some people actually get a script for Provigil since it is non addictive so that they may continue treatment. I dont know if i am more concerned about the swelling or the sleepiness, both are very disturbing