..Because I also have chronic pain. REAL pain. Im stuck. Im currently on the Fentanyl 25mcg patch, but I cant even make that work, because I still am having mental and physical withdrawals. I take them off and eat them. Gross huh. And then im short and run out of my months supply too soon, and suffer mentallly and physically, while every waking moment is spent trying to obtain Vics, Percs, or anything I can get. My life has become hell. Im so unhappy. Im tired of the whole cycle. I was on Suboxone for about six months, and it worked FANTASTIC for physical withdrawals, but my knee pain was soooo bad, ( they obviously make a poor painkiller, even tho they contain opiates) that I relapsed several times, until I THOUGHT that going on the patch was the answer, since unlike pills I couldnt take as much as I wanted. Well now my knees dont hurt as much, but im still using them too quickly. I feel there IS no answer for me. To be an addict AND have terrible knee pain at 30 yrs old, there just IS NO ANSWER FOR ME. Im doing better on the patch because my pain is MOSTLY (not completely) controlled, but the dosage isnt enough. I dont know what to do. I went to a methadone clinic before I found out bout the suboxone, and they treated me like crap. I made my appt over the phone, went during my lunch hour from work, withdrawing HORRIBLY and felt like I was dying, and when I got there they calmly sat there and told me I need $250 to see the dr!! Well, I didnt have the money, so had to go back to work depressed and miserable. I cant go to a place like that because I cant afford it and my insurance doesnt cover it (it DID cover my suboxone). The suboxone is GREAT for addicts who dont have real (or at least terrible) physical pain, but what does someone like me do? I've never done heroin, but whats the difference when im eating my patches, running out early, and buying pills off the street? (if im LUCKY I can find some to buy when I run out!) I dont know what to do, I need strong meds for my pain, and I dont have the willpower to stop taking more than my alotted dose. Its all a very hopeless and terrible situation. Im screwed. Best of luck to everyone on here though, I hope you can find that silver lining that I cant see from here