... trailer and messed my wrist up pretty bad. I have been on 5/325 percocet since the accident. I was going through 40 percocet a week. I got ahold of some vicodine, and tramadol and took these also so that I could make my percocet last until next refill. I new deep inside that I was becoming physically dependant. I should have told my doctor. I kept telling myself that the accident didn't happen that long ago, and I am still in alot of pain.
Well addiction took over just that quick.
I ordered Roxicodone online twice. I even bought 1 - 40 mg. Opana. The Roxi ' s were 30 mg. Both times the pills were gone in 2 day. The first order was 10 - 30 mg. Roxicodone, and the second order was for 14 Roxicodone and the 1 - Opana. They were all crushed and went up my nose. Now I just want off of the opiates. I don't want to be put in a detox. I did that about 8 years ago (twice in 6 months) for Benzodiazapam addiction. I think I can ween down with tramadol. I need to tell my doctor the truth, but I fear being put into detox. It was hell.
I can't loose my job. My dispatcher keeps pushing to get me into the truck. I went to the president of my company and told him I was dependant on my meds and I need to ween off of the narcotics before I can legally drive truck. This sucks, and I know ordering stronger meds online really did me in. Plus the vicodine, and tramadol I aqurired from friends. I tried to stop cold turkey yesterday, but couldn't do it. I am taking the minimum dose to keep from getting dope sick. I see my surgeon tomorrow. What do I say? I am scared and all alone in this battle with opiate addiction. I can deal with the pain, I just want back my brain. My dreams are insane during this taper. I know I can taper. Getting the meds online took me to the peak. (300 mg. + Of oxycodone in 48 hours twice in 2 weeks). I am done with that. I had to do it, now I am paying for it. Should I see if the Dr. will help me detox off of oxycodone with tramadol. I know it will work. Then I will wean off of the addictive tramadol. I have the will power. AND I need to get back to work ASAP. I probably have a month before the doctor will release me to drive. I am on light duty now. I missed 2 days this week because I have been dope sick. Trying to get my opiate intake back to 1 percocet every 6 hours as prescribed. If I take it as prescribed I am able to function, but I am definitely in withdrawals. After its all over I know I will appreciate life to the fullest. Thanks for listening, and any advice is welcome.
Love to all who suffer from any type of addiction.