Hi... I was an opiate addict... (roxicet 30mg- 15 a day) for 8yrs... I am 60days clean today! I did a 14day out-patient detox at a local addiction center. Coping with reality off the pills really sucks, but I try not to think about it and keep busy. I go to counseling but I don't think it's helping much. My doc just put me on Wellbutrin... says it should help what dopamine I have left be more effective. I had to quit my job because all my co-workers are users. I think I would feel better if I went back to work... but at the same time I'm scared! I would have money in my pocket again and still don't trust myself 100%. Does anyone understand what I'm saying... my boyfriend doesn't want me to work either but we have kids and alot of bills, and are falling deeper into debt. I'm so frustrated