... Vicodin that is given to me by my doctor. I never used the medication to get high but have built up a tolerance and over time have had to use more to get the same relief, I am now up to about 6 sometimes 8 10/660 Vicodin a day. I don't work outside of the home but I do have kids that I have to take care of. When trying to go cold turkey I have found the withdraws to be insane and always end up back in the same boat. I even went as far as to check myself into detox which was going great for the first 2 days but I missed my kids like crazy and came home against doctors orders. I am beyond upset with myself and know that I need to take control of my life once again, I can't live like this anymore. I deserve better and my family deserves better. HELP!!! I don't know that a taper would work for me because I feel like crap and take more ... I have fibro and constant headaches that used to be helped by this medication but now it just takes the "edge" off the pain and really I don't see the point in taking it any longer. I am depressed about failing myself and my family. well that about sums up all of it. I have been on pain medication now for 4 years