Any nurse 's out there with this problem? how has it effected your job? I'm from s.c. And they are pretty forgiving if you approach them first and ask for help they will put you in a program where you work along side another nurse who is aware of your problem. They give you another chance to earn back their trust and to keep your license. Some states are not so forgiving and a person can lose everything because of their addiction. I'm speaking about a person who has the problem themselves, but has not stollen drugs from the med cart at work or anything like that. If you are caught trafficking drugs there is no second chance. You would probably be really surprised to find out just how many nurses, doctors, pharmacists etc... Are abusing drugs and still working. My mother's doctor was just on the news last night and I was really surprised by it because he never showed any of the signs. Evidently, he was over prescribing and also prescribing for patients who didn 't exist and using them himself. This disease effects everybody. Even someone as intelligent as this man, made a stupid mistake thinking that nobody was watching him so closely A's they were. I knew someone once, who was a nurse and should have known better, and NO it wasn't me, but she was so desperate when she ran out of her prescription pain meds that she called a prescription into her pharmacy under a different name. Doctor's office's have a person call in meds all the time right? But what she didn't realize was that when that happens they also fax in a copy of a written prescription signed by the doctor . Anyhow, When she went to pick up the prescription, they let her pick it up without an I.D., however, the police were waiting for her and they handcuffed her and took her downtown. it was also in the paper the next day, and so she lost her job and had to get an attorney and go to court. It was dropped from a felony drug charge to a misdemeanor offense, but it was still humiliating to her and her family and a lesson definitely learned the hard way. Anybody else out there know of any similar situations? Just curious, sometimes it takes something like that to wake someone up. Unfortunately, in her case, it didn't. it was still several years later before she hit rock bottom and finally straightened up. Drugs effect odors lives these days in some way or another. Either we have the problem, or a family member has it or sometimes even both. My children went through the DARE programs when they were little. I can still remember their sweet little faces when they brought home all of the info from school that day. but they don't continue these programs when they get into junior high or Highschool when they really need it. Every week I hear about a new drug that is out on the streets. Have you heard of spice? it's smoked like pot but has a hallucinogenic effect to it, and guess what moms and dads, it's legal right now. They sell it in head shops all over the states. Dr. Oz is showing us just how easy it is to purchase this stuff tomorrow morning on his show. He's going in undercover (sort of) and buys it from the store to show us just how easy it is to buy. it's not the spice, it's a new drug. Our kids are so vulnerable. DEA is trying to shut them down A's fast A's they come up. But even the Internet sells narcotics without a prescription. Because it's being sold on the Internet and we just don't have the laws yet in place to stop them from selling it that way, they get away with it. Sorry for such a long note, but thought it was important to get this out there. NIK