I have been on opiates for 3 yrs. for 2 ruptured discs and a failed spinal fusion. I am trying to get on disability and unable to work so therefore have no insurance. I lost my job and then my home. So I had to move from FL to VA to live with my mom. I was going to pain management and being prescribed
XR morphine (30mg x2 daily), and oxycodone (7.5mg x3 daily). But because of the chronic pain and loosing everything and having to move back in with my mom, I got very depressed and also started having anxiety attacks. So I was put on xanax (.5mg x2 daily) about 6 months ago. Well to make a long story short, I no longer can afford pain management its almost $300 a month. So I had to start seeing a regular family doctor. Well she refused to prescribe what I was getting from pain management. She took me all the way down to only lortab (10mg x3 daily) and refused to fill the xanax. Well I went to only taking one xanax a day so I could make them last, and I ran out of both the pain meds and xanax last night. so it's been like 24 hours and I am going through absolute HELL.
But the area of Virginia I live in is so bad for opiate abuse almost no doctors will even prescribe them. Trust me I tried 8 doctors and she is the only one who agreed to see me. So please don't say just find another doctor because their is none. But my question is, what should I do? I am so scared of mainly the benzo withdrawl. If I go to the ER and tell them I ran out, they will just treat me like a junkie looking for a high. and even if they did help, my doctor will know. cuz they have prescription monitoring here. So I am screwed. How can a doctor just cut you off of a med that can cause seizures and more. Can anyone please advise what the best thing to do is? Sorry if this is hard to understand My head is so messed up it is hard to think strait.