What's the point if a tamper resistant formulation for abuse,at the expense of a significant reduction in the efficacy of pain relief along with increased cost. What's wrong with this picture? I mean why doesn't the FDA keep the same pain relief on one hand (i.e. while still making sure it works the way it was meant to work,while still approving a formulation that prevents crushing i.e. leading to overdose for individuals whom are only getting high. Sounds to me that by releasing a pain med that is only effective at preventing misuse only at the all around expense of patients needing adequate relief,is misdirected and unfair for those of us that aren't drug seeking fools, ruin it for the rest of us who have an legitimate use needlessly have to suffer? Somebody is making billions of dollars while making sure they can still once again market the product at a higher price with less effectiveness. My question here really comes down to, what is the real objective vs. what is their marketing objective? HUM???