Does anyone have any ideas about what I might change to from the Opana ER 40mg? It is available at my drugstore ($800) which is why I am in the patient assistance program at Endo. I need a cheap alternative (NOT Methadone) It seems Dilaudid is the only thing I can afford, $80, & it is short-acting and I would have to take a LOT, I don't know if my Dr. will write me that many! And I have a family emergency RIGHT NOW! For the next month until the baby is born, I need to be there so when my extremely ill daughter-in-law needs to go to the hospital, I can take her or call 911 and watch my 2 yr old Grandbaby!!! They just moved there, don't know anyone, and have no family, she is ill, pregnant, and babygirl just turned 2! My son is not a bum, he's in the military so he can't be there when he wants to. I CANNOT be shorted THIS month, people who I love very much are worse off than me right now are counting on me! Any advice, thoughts, ideas, ???
peace&love J