I've had to be moved from Opana 40 mg 2x daily to morphine 60 mg 2 x daily due to the reformulation issue. Some pharmacies have begun to get Opana back in differing dosages. I've had a terrible time during this transition. In my opinion Opana is a uniquely effective pain mgmt drug. Has anyone else suffered from the change?

What I like about Opana is that not only does it really address my severe pain but I have few side effects and it makes me feel like I can do more. Even though I really can't it gives me the feeling that I can. I think that's really healthy. I use Oxycodone 7.5/325 for breakthrough pain, Lyrica for my piriformis syndrome, celebrex for severe inflammation, and other stuff. I have terrible degenerative disease in all of my lumbar discs with stenosis, and my cervical spine is a terrible state and we're thinking about what we need to do with fusions. I need a full knee replacement, tarsal tunnel syndrome. I don't really want to discuss it anymore - I know it can sound like 'whoa is me'. I just want to ask anyone how difficult it was for those with chronic pain (and I DON'T want to hear from addicts about what a 'drag' it's been' for them to be unable to snort Opana any longer - I can't really comment on it.

So, has anyone else had a terrible transition to other narcotics due to the reformulation of Opana?

Thanks folks! I'm a new member and will looking for guidance!

As always,