Meaning, I take Oxy (15's fast acting, my insurance will not pay for the long acting. I was on 60mg 2x a day with the 15's for break through pain. Back when insurance paid for it.) when I need them. I may go days, weeks or months not needing anything, and then there are times like now, Monsoon season, where I take them at least 2x a day.
Right now, I am living in Hell. The Oxy isn't even taking the edge off of my pain. I have Advanced Degenerative Osteoarthritis from my neck down. My hips and knees being the worst. I had/have knees that dislocate (partly or fully) from birth as well as my knees were reversed when born and repaired. This caused the arthritis in my knees.
I have low platelets (around 40,000) and can not take arthritis medications or anti-inflammatory meds.

Is Opana a drug that must be in the system all of the time? I am at the age, I guess if it must, it must. But dog gone, I've tried so hard to use medications just when I need them.
I am hoping tomorrow is THE day I start the new medication! I just would be happy to have the edge taken off.

Is there anything I may need to know? I read somewhere it is like an anti-depressant. Anything I may want to ask my doctor?

Thanks in advance!