Last month I suddenly was unknowingly cut off of cobra. I thought if you could pay the high price you could be on it forever! Not true 18 months. I had back surgery, fusion on L4 and L5 then 2 1/2 yrs later a total hip replacement. Been in pain management and taking less than what the Dr. gave me really trying to keep my tolerance down and work an honest program. Past History(been on methadone for 11 yrs total. 5 + yrs kicked partial at SBI (the womens county jail) I was there about a month and I just went back to using the herion). Back on the Methadone for about 7 1/2 yrs. (Then in Tarzan treatment center I kicked the 7 1/2 year methadone and 4 yrs alcohol habit) and finally turned my life around, got into a sober living and got a job and most important got into A.A. and worked all 12 steps and found a God of my own understanding! and have been a productive member of society, working a job paying taxes, maintaining a nice apt, paying bills, I have a pet. I am a responsible person for the first time in my life for 8 yrs now. Clean and sober for 6yrs, 9mths now! So I really don't know how much pain I am in cause I have been on pain meds for 8 yrs.{Last year I told my Pain Management Dr. I wanted to get off the Oxys with Suboxone. But he gave me an entire months supply equal to the mgs of the oxy I was on! I believe he just wants to keep me as a patient for the $.} He put me back on the orgional meds, Opana er 160 mgs a day plus the percocets 4 a day. When I told him I was off insurance he put me on 60 mgs. methadone ande 3 percocett a day! Saying he would tritrate me up to0 80 mgs next month. Even though the monthe before I told hgime my concern about the high cost of my insurance an$451.00 a mojnth and $Just under $3000.00 a month for the opana er and the Nucenta (I realy like the Nucentya) But being unemployed I just couldnt aford it. He said he would put me on 100 mgs of methadone and 60 mgs of percocett. He is very mody and temerental never n=know what kind of mood he will be in. Referes to his Bible sometimes. Yet I feel like he only wants me as a client if I can afford the opana and nuycenta. which I like they work! I bet he gets a kick back from the pharm comp. (?) So I found a very local Dr. who would get me off the pain meds in 3-5 weeks. For a reasonable price $475.00 for 3 visits. Well last knight at 5:00 pm it had been 24 hr since I had taken any pain meds and 3 days since any methadone. So I took 4 mgs. of suboxone and nothing! so at 6:00pm I took another 4 mgs,. well it made it even Worse! My finance called the Dr with emergency status. I just want someone to tell me how many hrs. before I could take another sub, My Detox Dr never heard of opana or nucenta but has 19 years experience in getting people off opiates and he came highly recommended, affordable and short term suboxone detox. I don't want to change my habit to suboxone!. Do you have to wait longer for opana? and what about the large amounts I had been taking for 3-4 weeks? and what about the methadone? {For the last 3-4 weeks I just started using up all the extra meds I had accumlated over the years.I tried to detox off of a combo of opana er 240 mgs a day and percocett 70 mgs a day and some methadone over the last month about 40 mgs every 5 days} and I went into horrible withdrawls! I end up taking 80 mgs. of opana and the God awfull leg pains went away. Can someone tell me what went wrong? The leg pain is starting up now. Just took 80 mgs of opana. Please some one guide me or share your experience with me. I want off all these pills! Thanks D.