I have Chronic Fatugue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. The CFS causes my body to react differently to medicine than most.

I was on Hydrocodone and Tramadol for years and it was adequate. Still in a lot of pain, but livable. I was then bounced all around as one pain practice after another wouldn't accept my Medicaid - an HMO type Medicaid.

I finally landed at a great practice who really wanted me to not accept being in pain. I then was on Roxicodone, Ibuproohen and Tramadol ER. I had a few 50 mg Tramadol for breakthrough. I felt better than I had in years. They also gave me injections in my back that helped. Then they stopped accepting my Medicaid.

But one of the doctors started his own practice and I went to him. Three months later he no longer took my Medicaid.

I was referred to only Doctor that treated chronic pain within 90 miles. He freaked out when he saw what I was taking. He took me way back. Cut out all Tramadol and gave me 5 mg of something, can't remember what. I was in agony. I curled up in a ball for a month (when I called their office they told menu had to wait til next visit to ask Doctor anything.)

Thank goodness I had some 50 mg Tramadol stashed up. But I really was thinking it may be good to cut back. After a long time on medicine it's hard to know what's pain from body and pain from medicine dependency. I was hoping my body would kind of detox down to lower levels of pain medicine. But that was not the case.

So, it's been a tortuous six months. Really bed bound and counting minutes til next dosage. I was worked up to Opana ER 10 mg 2x day and IR 20 mg twice a day. Last month, when I got home I saw my IR dosage was back to one x day, even though I had told them I was in a lot of pain. I called office but was told I had to wait til next month to discuss. I then asked them this month and they looked at my chart and said I've always only had once a day. I went to pharmacist afterwards to have him check and he verified that I had been on 2 a day, before the previous month. So I went through extra agony over a mistake on their part.

I am not doing well on Opana which I understand is a strong medicine. But I feel I am in withdrawal almost every hour. My whole body is burning and painful.

I asked if I could go back to Roxicodone and Tramadol and my pain dr got very upset and said no, that didn't make sense as Tramadol was not as strong. He said I needed to get a new pain dr if that is what I want.

I really don't understand why Opana doesn't seem to be doing anything for me but perhaps if anything it's causing withdrawal like pain. Has anyone else had such a (non) reaction to Opana?