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Opana ER - does the white 15mg have a coating on them?

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DzooBaby 24 Jun 2014

If it is brand name Opana ER then it is reformulated to be abuse or tamper resistant. This is actually NOT a coating but it is a mechanism (Polymers) built into the pill so that it is hard to crush, even if it breaks into pieces, the pieces retain time release properties so crushing it or breaking it wont release all the medicine at once like the old formulation did. It also contains a polymer that turns the medicine to a thick goop that cannot be injected if combined with water. It is very hard to extract the oxymorphone for injection from the pill. Simply placing it in water wont do the trick. If it is generic it may or may not have tamper resistant technology. A generic will read oxymorphone ER on the prescription label. I believe a 15mg tablet is an ER form. If I am not mistaken the immediate release only comes in 5mg and 10mg strengths but I could be wrong on that part.

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