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What mg of Opana e.r equal to 100mg of morphine e.r ?

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10 Aug 2009

As a general guide for oral doses, morphine 30 mg = oxymorphone 10 mg

Oxymorphone is the active ingredient in Opana.

Morphine ER 100 mg would be roughly equivalent to Opana ER 30 mg.


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18 Oct 2010

Buddy, I ran across your name when you answered the question about a poss. drug/skin reaction while using meds methadone and oxycodone. I just clicked on your icon to read a bit about your history, and noticed that you just had your CT done on the 8th and would really like to know how that went. I am soooooooooooo sorry for the pain you're having and will have. Osteomylitis is extremely painful, ( not that I need to tell you), but I have to say, your whole case is very interesting... I'm a retired nurse. I'd love to see some outcome here that show's marked improvement, but am fearful, as you were, that because of the CHANGE in the charactor of your pain you felt something more and worse was going on... no one know's your body as well as you, although so many Doc's like to think they do eh? My sternum was broken completely in half horizontally for a full year before I could finally get a Dr. to believe me and do a CT.

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12 Feb 2011


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20 Feb 2011

honestly morphine sucks go with opana its the shittt

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