Long story short...
I'm a 38 yr old female. I injured my back (L3,L4,L5,S1) 12 years ago. Since I was so young I thought it would eventually heal on its own and I have been suffering on and all all these year. A year ago the pain increased and new MRI and Myleogram showed mo damage. I needed surgery but I wanted to try something less invasive because we have 8 children and a business to run. The doctor said a triple laminectomy would do the trick and buy me around a year before fusion. I had the triple laminectomy 3 months ago (Aug. 22, 2011) since surgery the pain in my left buttocks and all the way downy left leg is VERY Severe! I can't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and I have very little quality of life. Ohhh I did say I would make this short didn't I? Hmmm well I really have several questions but it seems that most posts a quite old so I quess I will wait to see if anyone is out the first! :o) most of my questions are drug related.

I started out after surgery on...
Norco 10/325mg 2 table every 4-6 hours as needed
That was maybe taking my pain down to an 8 but making me very sick
To my stomach so the doctor switched me to..
MS Contin ER 30mg 3 times a day.
That brought my pain down to a 5-6. 2 weeks ago I went in for a new
EMG and I was so uncomfortable the doctor suggested switching the
MS Contin to something she said would work better and switched me
Opana ER 5 mg 2 times daily.
Horrible! I was in sooooo much pain so after 4 days to changed it to
Opana ER 10 mg 2 times daily for 3 days
Little better but still at a 6-7. Yesterday she switched me to
Opana ER 10 mg 3 times daily and up to 8 of the 10/325 Norco daily for BT

I will admit that Although I still didn't get any sleep last night I have felt a little better today. My doctor told me that I'm on drugs that would be given to a dying cancer patient and she don't understand why the nerve is not calming down. Although I was only on the MS Contin for 1 month and the Opana for 2 weeks she said that if this don't help she better take me off everything for awhile and then can slowly give it back because I'm probably used to it!!! I've read all these posts and all the people on these high drugs so who has the bad doctor, me or them!!! I almost feel like she told me that to scare me not to ask for anything stronger which if that was her intent I think it worked. I love my doctor and she has been great but I have to put this 2nd surgery off at least until after the holidays and she said she would get me through this and control my pain until then.

I must say that in the 3 month since surgery I have not went 1 day without severe pain! The new tests show that there is debris that it loose and pushing on the nerve at the L5 level. They a not su if it is a piece of bone that broke off but they need to remove it. I know the point of pain management is not to "take the pain away" but only to make it controllable. Am I just being a big baby? Is a pain level of 5 as good as it gets? Even at a 5 though is only a few hours maybe twice a day. I never understood why people would take their own lifes but I must say that cronic pain suffers must be strong to do this year after year. If I did not have all these kids that need me I know I would think more seriously about it when it crosses my mind almost daily!!!

Any advice would help... Feels better just to vent! Thanks for reading my "book". :o)