I took the old Opanas, and was very happy with them. Nothing had worked SO well and with so few side effects! When they reformulated, I thought nothing of it, but the new Opana ERs are awful. The efficacy is greatly reduced. and they give me terrible stomach pain, like a hot coal in my stomach. Switched to the generic (oxymorphone) and it's like having the old Opana back!
... but my insurer won't cover it. They want to switch me to fentanyl patch instead, even though it's not recommended for anyone of my low weight, particularly not as I'm underweight to boot. I'm terrified of fentanyl, and not looking forward to the withdrawals changing to it will entail, plus those which occur every time you change the patch (it has to build up in your skin for 72 hours to start working). I can't afford not to be functional for days at a time as the level of medication in my system yoyos.
It seems crazy, to take someone off something that works so well for them, to put them on something that could be dangerous for them in particular (and is dangerous period, due to its extremely high potency). So, those of you who have experienced any part of this:

Have you successfully appealed your insurer's decisions, to get what works for you? (Whatever that may be?)
Have you been switched to fentanyl? If so, how do you deal with the lack of pain medication when the patch is changed? I already have to take breakthrough pain medication, and have a feeling they'll tell me to use that, but I already am. Most people seem to have had their dose raised when the reformulated tablets failed to work as well, but my doctor doesn't want to do that, and I'd rather take the same low dose, but of the generic.

Tell me what your experience has been, either with your insurer, or with the medications, especially if you were switched. I will probably have to try the fentanyl, so I need to learn how to deal with it.