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Opana ER - Why can't I eat 1-2 hours before or after taking my opanaER?

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lady2882 6 Apr 2013

This medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach so that it goes quickly to the small intestine where it is absorbed into the bloodstream giving you maximum pain relief. Food would slow it down in your stomach and you won't get the full benefit of the pain killer.
Always take your medications the way your doctor tells you to because that is the way to get full benefit from it.

Debbie7-8 6 Apr 2013

Thank you-
My Dr didn't tell me that. I read it in the paper work that came with my pills... I figure that was why but just wanted to double check. Thanks so much for the answer

JLED99 4 Dec 2013

Hmmmm... i had actually been told the reason was because food (or certain foods) could cause the pill to absorb too fast, or dump too much medicine into your system at one time. Now I'm curious what the REAL answer is!

phebesluv 29 Jan 2015

My first time writing a comment, so please bear with me.
I just read that by taking opana er with food increases the plasma levels which could intensify the effects up to 50%. Also said that information was included on the label that comes from the manufacturer. I have been on a pain management regimen for 15 years for chronic pain due to 4 spinal surgeries in my neck. I was left with permanent nerve damage, as well as the surgeries failing. My insurance just sent me a letter saying they're not covering my avinza anymore. But there were only two medicines that were extended release that they would cover... opana being one. I just went to my doctor yesterday, and that's what he chose for me. That's why i've been researching everything I can find.

phebesluv 29 Jan 2015

I just wanted to amend a sentence..and write exactly what I read.
On the site it said by eating food increased the plasma concentration... making each dose unpredictably more potent (approximately 50%).

lady2882 29 Jan 2015

Good to know phebesluv, thanks
This is different from the meds I am familiar with so I stand corrected.

DaveCFD-PA 7 Jun 2018

A high fat light meal can increase your Plasma concentration by 38 to 50 %. But it's unpredictable and potentially dangerous which is why your told to take on an empty stomach. The other post was also correct in that a heavy meal may cause too rapid transit through the small bowel actually limiting absorption so it's best to follow the fasting recommendation. Opana is a great chronic pain medication in that it has a very low side effect profile and you can actually preform your job well while taking. I have heard though that the FDA has pulled this drug off the market, this makes me sad. But, the Brand name medication Opana ER was great, worked well, predictable, consistent, the Generic was awful, nothing like the Brand. My biggest point on this was with the Generic, at 12 hours the med was simply gone, out of your system with withdrawal symptoms rapidly following unless you were taking your twice daily dose like clockwork free discount card

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