I have degenerative discs in my neck and lower spine, my last mri discovered that my L5 disc is seperated frm my spine, with fluid in between and disc fragment. I am currently trying physical trherapy, and if that does not help , we will do surgery . As for the opana, I started in Aug 11 on 5mg 2x a day, for 3 extrutiating months the medicine did not touch any of the pain. A month ago, my pain mgmt dr upped the opana to 10 mg 2x a day, still know relief at all. I also have complications due to the fact that I have all symptoms for MS, and am repeatedly tested with mri for that. My day to day live has dramitically changed, I am in bed most of the time, can't stand or walk for more than an hour or so , my body trembles and shakes uncontrollably all the time. I just went back to my pain mgmt dr to talk abt my med's. He said to stay on the opana(which doesn't wrk at all)and use tylenol as a breakthrough medicine, also using xanax as a muscle relaxer and anxiety medication. At this point I am beyond frustrated with this doctor, and still im an extreme amount of pain. I am 33 with a 3 and 5 yr old girls that I am unable to play around with them. I want some form of pain relieve and don't know how to go about it, especially with this pain mgmt dr I am dealing with. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful!!!