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+will opana 40mg ever go back to the orginal formula?

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DzooBaby 17 Jul 2012

I truly doubt that we will ever see the old formulas of either Opana or Oxycontin. This same reformulation to make it harder to abuse happened to Oxycontin a few years ago and it is still the only way you can get long acting oxycodone now. The abusers have screwed things up for the folks who really need the drug for pain. The new formulas, unfortunately, do not work quite as well as the old ones even swallowing whole. I am not sure about Opana, but with Oxycontin they not only added the polymers to make it turn gummy when wet so it cannot be injected or snorted, they also changed the way that it releases. Oxycontin used to have both immediate release AND extended release properties. Oxycontin used to release a bolus of about 40% of the drug then released the other 60% over 12 hours. Now, with the new formula, the drug is all extended release and it takes much longer to work. I'm not sure that they have done the same thing with Opana but it wouldnt surprise me. So many Oxycontin abusers switched to Opana as their drug of choice after Oxycontin changed formulas so they decided to do the same thing to Opana. I doubt they will ever bring those old formulas back because of pressure from the government on drug manufacturers to do something to stem the abuse of their products. To me that is like blaming a pencil for misspelled words but there you have it-when has the government ever made any sense?

robcr11 22 Jul 2012

I spoke with a pharmacist at Endo Labs and was surprised with their open mind in listening to my questions and concerns. Truth is Opana is now sending some to the ER with impacted bowels. I told the person I spoke with how I feel like a rock is sitting on the top of my stomach. He has had numerous calls stateing the same. It's the darn gell to deture people from snorting. That rock in my gut is the gell. Snorters knew how to get around that before Endo did this. Purdue did and failed at the same attempt. I am going to get off this med. 60, 40mg costs my insurance 600.00 a month. Endo doesn't dwserve the money on a horrid new pill. Change the formula? doubt that. New patients won't know the difference, many afraid to express their opinion. I asked and yes it's all about Endos' liability. Someone snorts, dies, family sues. Look at Ryan Hyatt case (sp?) Kid gets drugs over internet, kid dies unfortunately, parents get bill passed and now many pain patients without insurance can't afford meds. Been there first hand. Real Dr. and everything in the U.S. Did not over prescribe, my point is that money, not your well being is what matters to them. free discount card

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