My friend has opana 15 mg round white tabs with a cresent moon crushable tabs well i ran out of mine and needed to have opana in my system for the doc so i had been taking hers for about ten days before my apt well my urine test came up positive for percocet which i hadnt even taken this happened 2
Months in a row so does anyone know why the opana 15mgs are testing positive for percocet? Is this wierd or what also wanted to tell u all that im getting the old crushable 20 mg opanas from my pharmicist alls i did was talk to them and told em the new ones didnt work for me and its been about four months now getting the good ones one more thing if u cant get them then go with the 15 mg ones they are still the crushables and they work great even way better then a 40 mg of the new ones i swear by it just have doc lower ur mgs but give more pills but try askin pharmacist first