I was on percocet 10mg for 8 months @ 3x per day. i have been clean for 12 days until 15 minutes ago when i took the last pill that i was saving for an emergency. i was in severe back pain (unrelated to hyperalgesia induced by withdrawal) and couldnt stand the suffering any longer (i had already taken 1600 mg of ibuprofen today and the last dose made me sick). as far as withdrawal, i was at the point where the physical part was over, accept an ever decreasing, but still present nocturnal sweating, a bit left of hyperalgesia, and mild insomnia. last night i got 6 solid hours no problems. my question is simple. how far back will this one pill knock me in terms of withdrawal? i expect maybe my insomnia will be set back a few nights since my sleep has not fully returned yet, but will any other symptoms return? bad ones for me, and those that im most concerned with, are hyperalgesia and rls, both of which i got over (90%) only a couple days ago.

btw, i had a previous morphine sulfate addiction of 3.5 years up until a few years ago. at the time i quit i was prescribed 2x 100mg per day. the hyperalgesia and night sweating i experienced this time were at least as bad as they were that time, which i was suprised by since duration and dose were considerably higher previously. perhaps it does get harder each time like they say.