... becauses of my plantar fasciitis and a torn Achilles tendon. The heel and arch pain turned into a chronic condition because I thought it would go away but it got much worse and I had a partial tear of my Achilles.I had gone thru a lot a pain and suffering and cortisone shots. I was a mess and couldn't walk and had to wear a cam-walker for 4 weeks and missed worked and spent $$$$$$$ that I really did not have. But it is all good now -thanks to the shots and taping and most of all the physical therapy. My co-worker is complaining of pain in her thigh area but using my symptoms when I was laid up. She moves around just fine -but just complains everyday and has seen 5 different doctors -is she faking the symptoms to obtain drugs. I only took ibuprofen-800mg and ice -rest-physical therapy! Should I report her!!