Coming here I realize some addict thinks they are "better then" because they got clean, but so did I. I was ok for a while but I continue to battle this anxiety alone, I always felt alone because even though I went to rehabs etc I never felt people understood me, recently I went to a psychiatrist again which I avoided all meds just to keep roommate happy but I was suffering inside and felt very alone. Now I come here and get this reprimand from people who are addicts themselves even if they are clean that is why I remember this one women say when I got clean "never think you are better then the sick ones, they are the ones that needs you the most".

Rather then getting upset though, as my friends here at the house told me , is to ignore them because one day they will fall off their "high horse" with that kind of attitude. The post was about me wishing that psychiatrist would consider subutex with Klonopin. Not one of the person responded my desperation with helping but attacking me with insults. SSRI's are the worst thing doctors give, they have made me go crazy and the only thing I felt even with the tiniest amount better was subutex and can't see why they cannot try it. There is even an article of people on PTSS that little morhine can help now I realize they maybe right. Subutex is no "high", it's to make me feel normal in the brain.