My state laws allow for me to order up to a 3 month supply of medication from online.
Well, I have a stock of Onapil-2 and NAZE-1 and NAZE-2(which my research showed no NAZE-2). I take The Onapil-2 sublingually and sometimes 1 will knock me selly while other times 2 pills will just subside the convulsions and social nervousness.
I think that the pharmaceuticals industries in India are so poorly regulated that each Onapil-2 pill contains different amounts of Clonazepam.
The NAZE-2 I could not find only Naze-1 BUT the NAZE-2 in my stock work hard at kicking my ass because ounce again I think that the NAZE-2 are way more potent than 2mg

Anyone have any expertise on this matter? Are these legit or totally bunk medication.