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On venaflaxine right now would like to try celexa can you just switch or do you to wait?

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Psyched 10 Mar 2011

You do not want to discontinue Effexor abruptly because it can cause you to experience severe headaches, nausea, and it can worsen depression. Ask your doctor to taper you off of the Effexor before you start taking Celexa. Hope this helps.

LaurieShay 10 Mar 2011

Hey pat06,

You can taper off the venlafaxine while starting the Celexa so to avoid withdrawls. Your doctor will need to be the one to tell you how to taper off the venlafaxine and what dose to start on for the Celexa.

Good luck,


Delila 10 Mar 2011

Hi i know this isn't answering your question, but i just wanted to give you this bit of advice about celexa... When i started using it i began by taking 10mg, then this increased to 20mg after a week, and then 40mg another 2 weeks later. It seems that this is a very common practice so you may be instructed the same way. I'm sure your doctor will tell you this, but when you first start taking them you can feel worse before you get better. I experienced anxiety, mood swings, quite bad depression, i was very emotional. I stuck with it though and after about 4 weeks i started feeling so much better. I have stayed on the 40mg now for almost a year and i would recommend them to someone suffering with depression, they are the best anti-depressant drug that i have taken.

pat06 11 Mar 2011

did you happen to have a weight gain problem on celexa because on effexor i gained about 30 pounds and the side effects are horrible. thanks for your help pat.

Delila 11 Mar 2011

No the celexa didn't affect my weight at all, that i noticed anyway? free discount card

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