dr put daughter (35) on seasonique for severe anemia. over 6 months she had severe rashes,migranes,leg pain, nausea, depression, she has gained over 60 lbs and looks like she is 6 mo pregnant with swelling and stretch marks. it is all in her belly and breasts. she takes paxil and morphine(6 back surgeries) but was still put on it. she has been off it 2 months, has a trainer, works out daily and barely eats but has not lost one pound. she always ate healthy and did not eat more but weight just get coming. she has gone from 140 to 210. her stomach is not fatty but swelled just like a pregnancy. they told her she needs hysterectomy and weight is hurting her back as well. the dr is no help and i know this has to be something hormonal not working right. its almost like she has cushings. i don't know where to go for help