I've been on tramadol and paroxatine for yrs. Same with the alcohol i guess. These past 12 months though drinking alot more... 3/4 times a week. Plus taking cocaine. I want to stop taking it! How? I've been getting some real sharp stomach pains which im pretty sure is related even though i get them when sober, from drink and coke'. I was so against 'coke' before and so ashamed im stuck on it now!
I'm a disabled single parent who doesn't get out much, and dont socialise very much! It's my excuse that it's cause im bored! helps me talk to people more ( though mostly online). I keep trying to think how i delt with bordom before coke and cant remember!! It's also an excuse that this last 12 months have been the worst ever.. borderline with losing my baby to cot death some 14 yrs ago! Good excuse but still... an excuse.