On mirtazapine at mo doin nowt and clonazepam if my doc/shrink changes me to somethin better will I just need to swop over rather than the process of weaning off I am thinking of going back on cipralex so Im sure wont need to wean off then wait ages to start somethin else desperate could'nt possibly wait the 0.5 of Clonazepam just takes the edge off slightly not like it did before when I was on months ago was on it a long time and weaned off the reason back on is because my anxiety came back big style can't function was on cipralex for years but stopped suddenly thats what brought it all on and lead me to try to kill myself and 2 months in hospital I went back on cipralex for few days befor all this and buspirone and trazadone maybe Il feel better giving the cipralex another try and sticking to it any suggestions please?