For one week I tried taking 4 mgs a day and it worked. I felt like I'm supposed to feel for that whole week and a few days after that. I am currently in the process of getting set up for free/low cost addictions counseling. Has taken a lot of visits with case workers and paperwork, but I'm almost there. The question I have is can the dr. raise my dose after almost four months and what are the chances that he will do this for me. I really need it. Those four little mgs have finally made me feel the way most people on suboxone say they feel. NORMAL again. It helps with the fatigue, and the cravings. Also, I'm still occasionally getting sweats. So, please... If anyone knows if he can change (raise) the dose this far into treatment, let me know. Or if there's a good chance that he even will. I know they say that subs docs are supposed to work with the patient on the dose until they find the right one.I'm worried sick about relapse. I don't want to go back to 60+ mgs of Methadone a day after coming this far but the cravings are sooo intense.