the only new drugs so far that i was prescribed is flexeril,which i've been taking for almost a week,not side effects,the zoloft i just started,was afraid to take them,im always worried about side effects,anyway,so far i've taken 2,and this morning,it's now 2:56am,and my whole body is burnt looking and burning/itching,as if i took a big dose of niacin,has anyone had this effect with zoloft? i dont believe its the flexeril because it didnt happen until i introduced the zoloft,of course maybe it takes time,i dont know,but im getting all anxious and causing myself to panic,oh i hate drugs,lol,it has to be one or the other,because i've taken the percocet and xanax for 2 years with no side effects,plus im super dizzy,also as i mentioned before,i was on celexa for over a year,and they just told me to drop it and start taking the zoloft,i even asked if that was safe to just drop the drug and the doc said yes its fine because you'll be taking the zoloft,anyway back to my question,has anyone heard of this? i mean,it really burns and i went and looked in the mirror and it looks as if i layed in the sun to long,my whole body,even legs are very red,its kind of scareing me,lol,im a nervous freak when it comes to drugs,please bear with me,thank you:)