I've had an ongoing problem since April 2015 where I've felt like every time I have heavy food it affects my breathing, chest gets heavy and my throat, producing a lot of phlegm, coughing it up and I had been in and out of the GP's to get a solution for this problem and also to know what is actually causing this and all they had given was amoxicillin every time I'd go to the doctors this is what they gave, I cut out all heavy foods and stuck to light foods such as salads, whole grain food etc which worked a little I felt better as the months went by and thought the problem has resolved still stuck to light food but would also go out for a meal occasionally but then again now in October the same problem happened chest heaviness, throat felt clogged and heavy it all just started getting worse, this time it was difficult for me to swallow any food but was fine when having water so I had to ring an out of hours GP and they advised that I make an appointment with my own GP which I did and she said that it could be possible that I have Acid reflux and gave me omeprazole but she also referred to me to a department called ENT to get a telescope down me to see what it exactly is. I want to know if anyone who has had acid reflux had the same symptoms as I have and would like opinions and advice, if it is acid feflux. Would really appreciate some help.. Thank you.