When my older sister was 10/11 she was on dilantin until she started trying to convince us that was seeing and talking to dead people. Then our Mom slowly took her off of it.

Ever since then she has been ridiculing and degrading both our Mom and I. Is there any studies on long term damage from this drug or is there any other common people like me with experiences like this or similar? Has anyone found any relief with anything for this imbalance in someone who has previously taken this med?

The past 30 years of this has been hell on earth for many. She is also narcissistic to a degree I didn't think possible. She has no problem lying or giving partial truths for whatever agenda. She loves to look high and mighty. There's not many more people buying it however. She has been through 'tons' of friends. There has to be some kind of help, some kind of antidote. I will never lose hope. I have very much limited her access to my life in order to keep my sanity.

Is there any way to get her brain back in balance chemically? She has tried antidepressants off and on over the years. Nothing fixes the imbalance.