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Is it necessary for an older adult to have hi pitched hearing loss get corrected with a hearing ai?

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kaismama 10 Oct 2013

The human voice is mid range, and that's what we usually need to hear. It would probably depend on how much you felt you were missing by not hearing high pitched sounds.

marti545 10 Oct 2013

Probably just all the crickets in the backyard, my high squeeky voice and the cheap alarm clock we have!! I was asking for my husband! LOL

kaismama 11 Oct 2013

Then don't let him use that he's not hearing you, the voice is mid range, lolol

ole blue eyes 5 Oct 2014

This is referred to as "high frequency hearing loss" - this is the type I have

endlessPred 11 Oct 2013

Time for a quick thought. Does he hear you and your squeaky voice? Does he listen to music anymore or blast the TV? Is he getting a bit paranoid because he misses parts of conversations and thinks it is about him? Hearing aids are quality of life. They also sting some peoples egos as they feel like they are now old or are vain about how it looks. If they can't hear phone conversations or a siren when in the car I would say, yes, he should get the hearing aid.

My mother in law knew she had been deaf in one ear her whole life because of measles as a child. She refused to get a hearing aid because she didn't want to look old. She finally got one in her seventies because most of her friends also had them and were tired of repeating things to her. Plenty of Rock and Roll musicians have them. If he is missing things in life, or he could be in danger at work or driving, it is time for him to do so. Good luck in that conversation. And if he wants it, so much the better as the ones they have these days are pretty amazing. I suggest if he is resistant, I am married thirty years, that it had best be with his favorite dinner. Lol. Take care dear and I hope it works out for him. Karen

kaismama 11 Oct 2013

Hearing aids are also extremely expensive. I wouldn't care if anyone knew I was wearing them, but they cost too much for me.

marti545 11 Oct 2013


braydensnana 11 Oct 2013

If you do get one my husband got them from Sam's. We got great ones for around $3,000 12 months interest free.The hearing aids are done on computer now. When he has trouble he stops in and guy adjusts them for free. You don't have to be member to get hearing aids or adjustments. My friend got the same kind at ENT paid $6,000 and has to pay for any adjustments and make an appointment. The hearing aid was the best birthday present I ever got!!! By the way my husband couldn't hear high pitch. Hope this helps.

ole blue eyes 5 Oct 2014

Hearing aids are extremely costly and are not covered by Medicare or any other type of insurance that I am aware of. There are agencies that may offer some help.

braydensnana 6 Oct 2014

My husband had the same problem. It took him many years to admit it wasn't just my voice. We got ours at Sam's hearing center a few years ago. Savings of at least 1,000 or more. They let us put it on 12 month no interest. It has been wonderful. It was the best thing for our marriage and it was my 60 birthday present! free discount card

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