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Should I be on olanzapine if I don't have psyhcotic epidsodes. I have severe anxiety instead?

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Inactive 18 Aug 2018

If you don't have psychotic episodes, my opinion is not to take Zyprexa at all. It can cause weight gain and quite some number of side effects. Consult with your psychiatrist for alternatives of anti-anxiety drugs.

Ros 2 19 Aug 2018

Thanks Porsche, appreciate your comment & will consult with the psychiatrist next week!

WildcatVet 18 Aug 2018

Hi, Ros! Antipsychotics are not a first drug of choice in the treatment of anxiety disorders, especially not the older generation drugs like Zyprexa which can cause serious side effects.
Are you taking an anti-anxiety medication like Prozac, Zoloft, or Lexapro (antidepressant/anxiolytics) or buspirone? In severe cases, a new generation antipsychotic such as Abilify or Rexulti may be added to the anxiolytic to booster it's effects but it's uncommon.
I'd recommend consulting with your doctor about the wisdom of this choice of treatment or consider getting a second opinion.

Ros 2 19 Aug 2018

Hi WilcatVet, you seem to have a lot of knowledge re: medication! Thank you kindly for your response in re: to Olanzapine. As I have mentioned to you before, I'm taking .5mg Alprazolam 2x a day for the anxiety & 10mg of Diazepam at night for sleep. I simply don't tolerate any kind of antidepressants because of the many side effects that most have. I didn't pick up the Olanzapine today... spoke to the my pharmacist & she told me "if I have reservations re: this drug" to ask the Psychologist next week why he would prescribe this drug for me. I have been so nauseated with an upset stomach for several month now and my Gastro Doctor put me on omeprezole (which quite frankly is not helping). I feel that I'm being misdiagnosed & all these health issues are due to my stress level. free discount card

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