I have Fibromyalgia and suspect restless legs syndrome but not diagnosed with it yet. I generally don't have trouble falling asleep or getting enough sleep. ( usually 7-10hrs a night) My absolute biggest problem is I wake up every morning EXHAUSTED. I believe they call it unrefreshing sleep. Sometimes I remember waking a few times in the night sometimes I don't but I've read that's likely the cause. I'm am starting to think this is the biggest contributing factor to my Fibromyalgia. I started having sleep problems 6 years ago and guys I'm done. I want a decent night of sleep and I'm willing to do about anything to get it. So please tell me what has worked for you? Changed your life even? I've got twin toddlers who deserve a mom who is happy, alert and not in constant pain. So I'm done wallowing in this awful syndrome and ready to start asking hard questions and making lasting changes to my entire lifestyle to feel the best I can. But first things first, I want to tackle this sleeping problem. So any recommendations are greatly appreciated