... me on Seroquel 12.5mg, and upped my Zoloft from 50 to 200mg. Also prescribed Ativan 1mg TID. After a few days, I developed a low grade fever and sore throat, which apparently can happen with seroquel. Doc stopped the seroquel for a week, but the fever persisted. She then dropped the Zoloft to 150mg for a week. When the fever still persisted, I had blood work done and it turns out I just had a random virus and the symptoms had nothing to do with any of my meds. Doc put me back on the seroquel, but kept the Zoloft at 150mg. Throughout the entire time, I have had horrible anxiety. The depression is much better, but the anxiety is nearly constant. Yesterday, the doc decided to discontinue the seroquel again and in a few days, I'm supposed to go back to 200mg of Zoloft with the Ativan. Does anyone think this will help? Please respond if you have input... I'm so ready to have my life back and if I could just lose this constant anxiety, I think I'd be okay!!!