i was really bad, doing 400mg of oxy's a day and mixing that with xanax aswell, but for the last few months i have been getting suboxones from friends and such to stay clean, but i keep going back to the drugs when i cant find the suboxones, i have anxiety really bad, thats why i was taking benzo's to begin with. ive been trying to get clean for quite some time now but it seems the withdrawls never end, i was opiate free (minus suboxone 2mg films, 1 a day) for a month, and surely enough im back into withdrawls once i dont have suboxone, so... i dont really know what to do. im finnally getting my own prescription of suboxones, but should i also be trying to get maybe some klonopins for my axiety issues?? i seriously wake up with panic attacks every mourning, sweats and all that. i just figured i would ask what my best course of action would be... i am seeking help and ive been doing alot better lately, but the anxiety and the withdrawls wont go away. i need some advice.