I have huge skin and deeper burns, it feels like im gona ignite, i have had this before but like just during a real cold day /night , and now it more coming, it seems like everyday it gets worse, is now if i am in huge pain or did to much i start on my ears or chest n then its on , it seems to take like an hour to circle its self thru my whole body and i am now popping my pills( when i say this , I take 2 Norco every 6 hrs , maybe at times 4 hrs) im recovering addict of pill which i weaned to this dose n off the 32 a day i WAS on. But that was like 3 years ago, so now u know a bit about me, I have been told i have fibromyaliga progressive rhumitoid arth and osteo arth, neuroopaathy from injury and feel numb from feet to mid leg in front mostly, my feet were crushed by the apple of my eye in 85 when he closed a door on them, He is by the way history, I dont sit around and bitch to myself or my pals, i do wine from time to time, but i gotta say, It hurts like hell, my doctor disbelives everything i tell him however i sit in a room with others that see him and because is small town i know these guys are selling pills, i am in REAL pain, he thinks i lie i know they do. Why am I on FIRE... I have had alot of asthma this year, followed with broken ribs from coughing, that was a hoot, and then i fell into my hobbie for reals landing into a big flower pot thus breaking a rib again,, My life at times seems like a story book comedy but its real and it pain ful and most of the time i wake in tears because thats the funest part of my day, getting to my meds so i can become me, i sit at my desk until coffee hits or hunger, then i go play with my pond or yard plants. Then the burn, the feet start hurting , i cant stand this shit, sorry i cussed but its just that, i know i am going to hurt the rest of my life for i cant remove being beatin or broken or aged, however, at what level do i get a real pill. I mean im not lookin for a hi, but a darn bit of AHHHHHH, and im allergic to the rest the stuff out ther sept dialudud and it intensifies my pain hate this, so whats to do, anti inflams very allergic, asprin if in small dose with a tummy pill, and i dont think tylenol or other works much, my doc say i need a vacation from pills so they work, ARE you kidding me, what a quack, i been on for same dose about 10 yrs maybe more, but i used to get 150 now 100 plus a few of my husbands, two things , why and what is the burning skin thing so deep past the bone , and is there anything stronger for like right now onset pain, i tryed 5 oxycodone it was okay for my system last alot of 20 minutes but stopped it now , just no life in it. i took two was double the stop still no life, im so damn sick of this , what to do... thankx guys, i know im new but i just hadto get this out i been trying to write since 3 am andnow this is what u get, have a wonderful day... im off to my plants and pond to feed fish n water... thankx you again for even reading. Lori